About Us

She was a Chinese-American who studied to be an engineer at UCLA. He studied English literature and became a journalist. She flourished at designing the HVAC systems in skyscrapers in Los Angeles. He dropped out of journalism, a dying field, and became a teacher at a small private school in Santa Monica.
She loved Chinese food. He grew passionate about fitness and healthy eating. Together, Dianna and Mike decided to fuse their tastes and skills and help others discover what the secrets of Ancient China can help Americans lose weight, get better nutrition and enjoy food!
Cuisine Natural was born, with an initial 10-inch bamboo steamer on Amazon. They stayed in love and brought what they loved to others. They would insist on quality over quantity (not the amount of sales but happy customers (who might pay a bit more than the dirt cheap, flimsy steamers being offered by competitors). Their family grows to everyone who joins them on this journey to greater health and healthier meals.